Зразок модульної контрольної роботи за VI семестр

Зразок  модульної контрольної роботи за VI семестр

 Модульна контрольна робота за VІ семестр складається із восьми частин. За кожну  частину МКР студент отримує певну кількість балів.

Part I. A.  The Article                              (5 points)Part II.B. Tenses. The Sequence of Tenses (10 points)

Part III.C. Notional Parts of Speech       (10 points)

Part IV.D. The Verbals                           (5 points)

Part V.E. Modal Verbs                            (10 points)

Part VIF. The Subjunctive Mood            (10 points)

Part VII.G. Sentence Structure                (10 points)

Part VIII H. Sentence  Analysis              (10 points)



ENGLISH DEPARTMENT                            

The Article (5 points)

Task 1. Insert articles where necessary. (5 points / 0,5point for each correct article)                        

  1. (The/-) handball is fast becoming (a/the) popular sport worldwide.
  2. (The/-) poorest people in (the/-) country live in this city.
  3. The happiness of the majority depends on (a/- ) hard work for everyone.
  4. (The/-) safety at (the/- ) work is (a/- ) major concern for us.
  5. It’s (a/-) long time since I met (a/-) lovely person like you!

Tenses. The Sequence of Tenses (10 points)

Task 2. Tenses. Use  the verb in the correct form. (5 points / 1 point for each correct answer)

  1. By the third month of the war rebel forces (take) most of the province.
  2. I take the 10.40 to Bristol every day Friday and it’s always half empty. You (find) a seat.
  3. “Sorry I haven’t phoned. I lost your number.” “You always (lose) my number. Why don’t you put it in my mobile?”              
  1.  You can’t leave a ten-year old child alone. What you (think of)?
  2. The weather has been awful. It (rain) for five days already this week

Task 3. The Sequence of Tenses. Put the following sentences into indirect speech. (5 points)

  1. John: I let your dog in. (1 point)
  2. Tom: I have no dog. (1 point)
  3. John: But the other day you said you had. (1 point)
  4. Tom: I didn’t say I had. I said I would like to have! (2 points)
       Notional parts of Speech: the Noun, the Adjective,  the Adverb, the Pronoun, the Numeral (10 points)

Task 4. Correct these sentences where necessary, or put a √. (10 points / 1 point for each correct answer)

  1. The police has arrived right in time to take away the thief.  
  2. Forty three people were injured in the train wreck.
  3. We took a six-weeks course.  
  4. Twenty three hundred sixty one victims were hospitalized.  
  5. Since we’ve got a cleaner, the house became more tidy than it used to be.  
  6. The Browns house is the biggest in the street.                              
  7. Please sprinkle two handsful of corn on the porch for the chickens.  
  8. His uncle appeared punctually at ten o’clock.
  9. He is more intelligent than I.  
  10. The students can borrow each other books.
    The Verbals (5 points)

Task 5. Rewrite the sentences using predicative constructions. (5 points / 1 point for a sentence)

  1. I insist that you should take part in the conference.  
  2. I object to the fact that he has an acquaintance with my sister.
  3. As the rain already began, we decided to stay at home.
  4. One could find that he is a well-read man.
  5. He spoke loudly so that everyone could hear him.
 Modal Verbs (10 points)

Task 6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate modal verbs. (10 points / 1 point for each correct answer)

  1. …… they (wait) for us now? We are more than fifteen minutes late. (can, could, may,  might)  
  2. The teacher said that we …… (translate) the text tomorrow. (can, could, may, might)  
  3. … she … (deceive) me? I can’t believe it. (can, could, may, might)
  4. He …… (warn)  us of the meeting yesterday. (can, could, may, might)                       
  5. Something  ……  (happen). He  …… (come) at eight. (must, have to, be to, need)                                                                                                                        
  6. Which of you  ……  (bring) the magazines and newspapers? (must, have to, be to, need)  
  7. Yesterday’s rain spoilt my hat completely; I …… (buy) a new one. (must, have to, be to, need)  
  8. – Mary, …  (pay) the phone bill.    –I’m sure she has paid it. (must, have to, be to, need)                                                                                                                             
  9. – … I help you with the washing-up? – No, I can manage by myself. (shall, should, ought to, will, would)                    
  10. …… I (order) a taxi?’ he asked. (shall, should, will, would) 
    The Subjunctive Mood (10 points)

Task 7. Use the verbs in a correct subjunctive mood form. (10 points / 1 point for each correct answer)

  1.  I might have been able to help you if you (explain) the problem to me.
  2. It was a mistake not to buy a camera before our trip to I wish I (buy) it.
  3. What a pity I went on that tour. I wish I (not to go).
  4. If I could live wherever I wanted to, I think I (choose) to live in London.
  5. We could have got there in time if you (phone) us earlier.
  6.  I find it necessary that you (stay) at the camp.
  7. She felt as if she (be) a child.
  8. It’s possible that she (know) it.
  9. My wish is that we (go) to the seaside.
  10. My brother looked as if he (run).
     Sentence Structure (10 points)

Task  8. Сonvert the underlined clauses into the corresponding parts of the sentence, thus making the sentence simple. (5 points / 1 point for a sentence)

  1. They think I have my hair cut twice a month.
  2. It seemed that he didn’t notice me in the room.
  3. I can’t bear the thought that you won’t come any more.
  4. The king warned that the nation would not be bound by a new constitution.
  5. The favourite, who is going to win the contest, is the former minister

Task 9. Develop the simple sentences into the complex ones. (5 points / 1 point for a sentence)

  1. It is the moon making you talk to yourself in that silly way.
  2. He didn’t know how to talk with her about it.
  3. The housekeeper must have heard her mistress talking to the visitor.
  4. The patient operated on yesterday is feeling better now.
  5. Your coming home late has made me angry.
    Sentence Analysis (10 points)

            Task 10.  Identify whether the sentence is A) Compound, B) Complex, C) Compound-Complex, D) Complex-Compound (1).

Model: A (1), type of coordination (copulative…etc) (2), its meaning (agreement…etc.) (3), the coordinating conjunction / connective/ ’…’ or asyndetically (4).

Model: B (1), type of subordinate clause (2), the subordinating conjunction / connective/  ’…’ or  asyndetically  (3).

Model: C (1), type of coordination (2), its meaning (3), the coordinating conjunction … ’…’  (4), type of subordinate clause (5), the subordinating conjunction … ’…’  (6).

Model: D (1), type of subordinate clause (2), the subordinating conjunction …   ’…’  (3), with coordinate clauses   –  copulative (etc. … coordination)   (4),  its meaning  (5), the coordinating conjunction … ’…’  (6).


  1. The room was small, but it was warm and cosy.
  2. Time will show whether I am right or wrong.

3.What is done cannot be undone


Критерії оцінювання МКР:

Загальний підрахунок здійснюється за такими пропорційними співвідношеннями:

         ‘відмінно’        –  100 – 90 % правильних відповідей

         ‘добре’              –   89 – 75 %  правильних відповідей

         ‘задовільно’    –   74 – 60 %  правильних відповідей

          ‘незадовільно’ –   59 % і менше.

Таким чином,максимальна кількість балів за МКР– 70.

          “5”   –    70-63 правильних відповідей

          “4”   –    62-52 правильних відповідей

          “3”   –    51-42 правильних відповідей

          “2”   –    41 і менше правильних відповідей.