Семінар 2 (СО)

                         SEMINAR 2

                                     OE  PERIOD.  OE PHONOLOGY.                    

                                  Points For Discussion

  1. Chronological division in the History of English.*
  2. Main historical events of the OE period. *
  3. OE Dialects. *
  4. OE alphabets and written records.* 
  5. Rules of reading.
  6. Word stress.
  7. OE Vocalic System. General characteristics. IE, PG and OE vowel systems compared.

    7.1 Qualitative changes:

a) A-splitting;

b) I-umlaut (Palatal mutation);

c) Formation of OE diphthongs: OE Breaking, Palatal diphthongization,

              Velar mutation (Back mutation), Contraction. Germanic reflexes.

     7.2 Quantitative changes:

a) lengthening due to rejection of consonants;

b) lengthening before consonant clusters.

     7.3 Development of vowels in unstressed positions.                       

8. OE consonant system. General characteristics.

a) Palatalization;

b) Assibilation;

c) Assimilation;

d) Metathesis;

e) Change of consonant groups;

f) Loss of consonants;

g) Shortening of long consonants in the final position;

h) West Germanic gemination of consonants.

The points marked by asterisks “*” are designed for individual work and may be included in a Quiz as the rest items of the seminar.

Practical Assignment:

  1. Иванова И.П. и др. Практикум по истории английского языка. –  М.: Просвещение, 1985. Vowels. Read Texts 1 and 2, pp. 8, 19. Do Assignments 1-3, p.7; 11 p.13; 14-15 p. 15; 3, p. 15;  5, p.16, 1-4, p.19; 1,5,6, 8-10 pp.24-25. Consonants. Do Assignments 4, p. 7; 4, 5, p. 15; 13 p. 23; 7, p. 24.  Be ready to read and analyze texts from Exercises  6, p. 16; 11, p. 25.
  2. Write out and learn the paradigms of the following nouns and pronouns from the  texts mentioned above:  n., m.,-a-   cyninʒ, dæʒ, hærfest;  n., m., cons.  man(n);  personal pron. hē,  m., wē (ic).

Recommended Literature

Иванова  И.П. и др. Практикум по истории английского языка. –  М.: Просвещение, 1985. Vowels.С. 4-21. Consonants. С.21-25.

Ильиш Б.А.  История английского языка (На  англ. яз). – Л.: Просвещение, 1973.  Vowels.С. 40-51. Consonants. С. 51-56.

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