Питання до заліку (4 семестр)

Practical Grammar

The Second Year of Studies

IV semester

  1. The infinitive. Nominal and verbal characteristics.
  2. The infinitive: forms of infinitive, functions in the sentence.
  3. The use of the infinitive without the participle to: bare infinitive and to-infinitive.
  4. Infinitive clauses as complex objects.
  5. Infinitive clauses as complex subjects.
  6. The for + NP + to-infinitive clause.
  7. Verbs and adjectives controlling infinitive
  8. The participle: forms and functions in the sentence.
  9. Participial clauses as complex objects.
  10. Participial clauses as complex subjects.
  11. Participial clauses as adverbial modifiers.
  12. Verbless clauses. (Absolute constructions without the participle.)
  13. Verbs and adjectives controlling ing-clauses.
  14. Verbal and Nominal characteristics of English verbals.
  15. Modal verbs: general characteristics.
  16. The modal verb can: meaning and use. Can (could)+ perfect infinitive.
  17. The modal verb may: meaning and use. May (might) + perfect infinitive.
  18. The modal verb must: meaning and use. Must + perfect infinitive.
  19. The modal verb should and ought to: meaning and use.
  20. Should and ought to + perfect infinitive.
  21. Modal expressions to have + perfect infinitive. To be + infinitive in comparison with
  22. The modal verbs shall, will, need, dare.
  23. The modal verbs must, should, ought to