Питання до заліку (2 семестр)

Practical Grammar

II semester

  1. Formation and use of Future Simple.
  2. Formation and use of Future Progressive.
  3. Formation and use of Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive tenses.
  4. Uses of Future Simple and Be going to-structure to refer to the future.
  5. The use of Present tenses to refer to the future.
  6. Conditional sentences (types 1, 2, 3).
  7. Zero conditional.
  8. Wish and if only
  9. The passive voice: Basic tense forms of the passive.
  10. Uses of the passive. The passive with the verbs ‘to say’, ‘to believe’, ‘to suppose’, ‘to consider’ etc. (‘It is said that…’, ‘… is said…’).
  11. The passive voice: The use of ‘by’ + agent (=doer) and ‘with’ + instrument after a passive.
  12. Form and use of the causative. ‘Get’ in the causative (‘get something done’).
  13. Sequence of tenses rule. The notions of anteriority, simultaneity and posteriority of actions.
  14. Sequence of tenses rule. Sentences with present and preterit tense forms in the main clause.
  15. Sequence of tenses rule. Clauses with absolute time reference. (Shifts in the time domain.)
  16. Reported speech. The tense change.
  17. Reported statements. Reporting verbs.
  18. Reported questions.
  19. Reported requests, suggestions, offers and orders.
  20. The major properties of the adverb.
  21. Adjectives and Adverbs ending on – ly. (The overlap between the Adjectives and Adverbs.)
  22. The order of adverbs in a sentence/ the structure of Adverbial Phrases.